1 in 6 Americans will suffer from food poisoning this year. Here are simple foods safety tips to prevent it.

Diarrhea… vomiting… dizzyness… high fever… the symptoms of food poisoning are certainly no picnic but in the worst cases, food borne illness can even result in miscarriage, kidney failure or even death. The good news is that food poisoning is largely preventable with these simple food safety tips.


When it comes to protecting yourself from the flu, how smart are you?

The NY Times had a clever quiz, testing our knowledge of how to guard against the flu. (It’s surprising that I’m not sick more often since I guessed correctly on only 2 of the 11 questions.)

Test your flu smarts at http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/02/13/the-well-flu-quiz/

And please share your score and feedback in our comments section.